Knee Medicine For Knee Pain

Knee Medicine For Knee Pain Here at Ascension Research

There are many different conditions that can cause knee pain but the two most common are osteoporosis and arthritis. Both conditions can cause debilitating pain but thankfully there are treatment options available once you know which condition you are suffering from. Loss of bone tissue, which weakens the bone and causes it to be less dense is the leading symptom of the condition known as osteoporosis. This condition has been called by many the “silent disease” since there are no real symptoms or issues to detect until a fall, misstep, or injury causes a bone to break. Arthritis on the other hand affects the joints and the cartilage of the joint rather than the bone itself. It causes the joint to become stiff and movement becomes stiff and painful and it's hard to walk, move, or put weight on the joint. Both conditions can affect major joints of the body such as the knees. Here at Ascension Research of Pinellas Park, we offer a range of knee medicine for knee pain and a host of treatment options so contact us today to learn more!