Knee Pain

Hot and Cold Compresses For Minor Knee Pain Relief

Cold compresses can be very helpful for dealing with joint pain and have proven to be beneficial in alleviating knee joint pain. Cold helps numb the pain receptors and also reduces swelling and inflammation within the joint which helps soothe pinched nerves and calms the nervous system in that general area. It is an easy at home treatment that is very effective on minor pulls, strains, and bruises in the knee joint area. FIlling a bag with ice and wrapping it in a towel or soft cloth and then placing it on the affected area of the knee for 10-15 minutes every 30-45 minutes can help soothe pain away. Just like cold compresses, hot compresses helps reduce pain and swelling associated with the most common knee injuries. Hot compresses also help relieve the pain of stressed out muscles. You will want to treat the affected knee with a hot water bottle or heat pad for 20 minutes. This can be done every few hours to keep the joint from stiffening up and to make it easier to move and use as it heals. If your knee pain worsens or does not get better in 48 hours come see us and let our joint care experts get to the bottom of your knee pain and help you find the treatment that will work for you!