Knee Replacement Alternatives

Knee Replacement Alternatives Are Available to You


Finding ways to cope with the pain and accompanying issues that come from knee joint pain is the best way to deal with it. Many patients are told that the only option available other than popping pain pills every day for the rest of their lives is knee replacement surgery. However, this is not the case and many people have a range of knee replacement alternatives available to them, the most common being simply looking at what lifestyle changes need to be made to reduce the strain on their knees. "The first alternative to knee surgery most physicians try is lifestyle modification. This may include weight loss; avoiding activities such as running and twisting, which can aggravate the knee injury; modifying exercise to no- and low-impact; and other changes in your daily routine to reduce stress on your knee" (Wilmington Health). Here at Ascension Research we are committed to helping everyone who comes to us find ways to reduce their pain without automatically turning to risky and invasive surgery! Call now to learn even more about the options available!