My Knee Hurts

Why Does My Knee Hurts and Can I FInd Relief Without Surgery?

Knee osteoarthritis is the medical term used for the chronic, indolent disease of the knee joint. It is a prolific condition that will affect more and more people as the current population continues to age. Millions of people ask themselves - why does my knee hurts and can I find relief without surgery and the answer is yes there are options available! "While conventional treatments like physiotherapy or drugs offer temporary relief of clinical symptoms,restoration of normal cartilage function has been difficult to achieve. Moreover, in severe cases of knee osteoarthritis total knee replacement may be required. Total Knee replacements come together with high effort and costs and are not always successful” (NCBI). It is this push for newer and better treatment options that are more successful and less risky than surgery that has given rise to many of the treatments we have available here at Ascension Research. So contact us today to learn more and to find the pain relief options that work for you!