Osteoarthritis Treatment in Clearwater

Osteoarthritis Treatment in Clearwater- You Have Options Available


Getting a proper diagnosis by a medical professional is essential so you know what condition you are dealing with and what treatments are best for your unique situation. Osteoarthritis treatments in Clearwater are common but it is important to make sure you are not dealing with some other joint condition that needs other treatments. Once diagnosis is confirmed here are some of the options available today to treat osteoarthritis here at Ascension Research of Pinellas Park, FL:

  • Medications to control pain so you can stay mobile and live your life

  • Massage and other similar therapies to soothe tight muscles and tendons

  • Injections to treat severe and localized issues within your joints

  • Pain rubs and creams to treat mild to moderate pain in major joints

  • Lifestyle changes to reduce weight and lower impact damage to the body

  • Braces, supports, or surgery if necessary to address the issues at hand

Contact us today to see what osteoarthritis treatments in Clearwater are right for you and your joint pain needs.